Welcome to carto-python’s developer guide!

This section contains documentation on how to use the different carto-python APIs.

carto-python is a full, backwards incompatible rewrite of the deprecated cartodb-python SDK. Since the initial rewrite, carto-python has been loaded with a lot of new features, not present in old cartodb-python.

carto-python is a Python library to consume the CARTO APIs. You can integrate carto-python into your Python projects to:

  • Import data from files, URLs or external databases to your user account or organization
  • Execute SQL queries and get the results
  • Run batch SQL jobs
  • Create and instantiate named and anonymous maps
  • Create, update, get, delete and list datasets, users, maps…
  • etc.

You may find specially useful the Examples section for actual use cases of the CARTO Python library.

Please, refer to the carto package API documentation or the source code for further details about modules, methods and parameters.


Code snippets provided in this developer guide are not intended to be executed since they may not contain API keys or USERNAME values needed to actually execute them. Take them as a guide on how to work with the modules and classes